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Update on Equine Influenza

Equine Influenza in Australia

There appear to have been no significant developments overnight in the outbreak of equine influenza in Australia.

The Agriculture Minister has not issued any further press releases since confirming on Monday that the nationwide standstill would remain in place until lunchtime on Friday (Australian time). Interestingly, the Sydney Morning Herald reported today...

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About Equine Influenza

What is the Equine Influenza incident?
An outbreak of equine influenza (EI) has occurred in Australia. EI is an exotic disease to Australia (it has never been present in Australia before).

A national response involving the Australian Government, state governments, and a number of horse organisations and are working together to contain and eradicate this...

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Release on Equine Influenza in Australia

Equine Influenza (EI)

Equine Influenza is described as an ?acute, highly contagious viral disease which can cause rapidly spreading outbreaks of respiratory disease in horses, donkeys and mules and other equine species.? It is not generally fatal to horses however, fatalities may occur in old or infirmed horses or young foals.

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