We are the representative body of the Irish thoroughbred breeding industry at Government level both at home and internationally. The ITBA is an inclusive all-Ireland body with a regional structure and a dedicated office staff based at Kill in Co. Kildare.

The ITBA represents Ireland on both veterinary and general issues at the International Thorough Breeders Federation attended bi-annually by 19 countries and the European Federation of Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association. The Association also represents breeders on the boards of all the major industry bodies and liaises with other associations on common issues of importance. In conjunction with the Manager and office staff, regional committees organise educational courses, seminars and tours, trade fairs, open days and social events which act as forums for breeders to meet and discuss matters of mutual interest.

The ITBA has a comprehensive national educational and training programme to ensure breeders can continue to acquire and update the skills necessary to adapt to a changing work and business environment. We have a full time veterinary consultant who monitors both national and international veterinary information on behalf of members and represents the ITBA at the annual International Collating Centre meetings. The latest in breeding and veterinary best practice is disseminated to breeders through the circulation of the Codes of Practice, the ITBA Diary, newsletters and circulars.

The Association showcases annually the achievements of the Irish breeding industry through its National Breeding and Racing Awards Dinner and regional awards ceremonies. We welcome all new members to the ITBA and offer an exclusive benefits scheme to members including breeding and racing publications free or at attractive discounts, substantial discounts on travel, accommodation, food and a wide range of goods and services.

The ITBA aims to work with and for the good of its members to ensure Ireland continues to be one of the most renowned and successful breeding industries in the world. Through the ITBA breeders are represented on the following bodies/committees:

Department of Agriculture’s Liaison Committee on Equine Diseases

European Federation of Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association

Horse Racing Ireland H.R.I.

Foal levy Committee

International Thoroughbred Breeders’ Federation

International Cataloguing Standards Committee

International Collating Centre

International Committee that revises the Codes of Practice annually

Irish Equine Centre

Irish Horse Welfare Trust

Irish Thoroughbred Marketing

Robert J. Goff and Company plc

U.K. Animal Health Trust/Industries

Infectious Diseases Committee

University of Limerick – Equine Studies

The ITBA is a nominating body to the Agricultural Panel of Seanad Eireann with the right to nominate two candidates.