BREXIT Ready Score Card

Following on from the very successful collaboration between the ITBA and HRI with Kildare County Council’s Local Enterprise Office, and the completion of the first bespoke Management Development Programme for breeder,  LEO (Local Enterprise Offices) would like to support our members further by conducting a Brexit Risk Assessment.  This can be done using the Brexit Scorecard and will enable you to be fully equipped to meet both the challenges and the opportunities arising from Brexit head-on. The Brexit Scorecard can be accessed at

The Brexit SME Scorecard is an interactive online risk assessment tool which can be used by all Irish companies to self-assess their exposure to Brexit.  Based on answers supplied by the business owner, the Scorecard generates an immediate report which will be sent on the strictest of confidence to Enterprise Ireland, who in turn will contact the relevant LEO office for follow up mentoring with those who have completed the process. 

This will provide companies with an assessment of their preparedness under six key pillars – Business Strategy, Operations, Innovation, Sales and Marketing, Finance and People Management.  The tool is a starting point for SME management teams looking to develop an action plan to help mitigate risks and leverage potential opportunities which may arise from Brexit.

Once again, the platform can be accessed at

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