ITBA 2018 Educational Programme

ITBA 2018 EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME:  Since 2007, the ITBA with financial support and commitment from the Department of Agriculture, under its Equine Technical Support & Breeding Scheme Project has successfully created and hosted comprehensive educational programmes for breeders, both flat and national hunt. These programmes designed to support and advocate quality thoroughbred horse production consist of courses, seminars, symposia and workshops and were possible are QQ1 (Quality & Qualifications Ireland) accredited.  As a result of  ongoing financial support from the Department of Agriculture, the ITBA is in a position to heavily subsidies the costs for those who attend, which provides a significant  saving to it members.  The educational programme for 2018 aims to highlight the many benefits there are for breeders, etc. in taking a smart approach to how they go about their business. Commenting on this year’s educational programme, Kerry Ryan of the ITBA says “it’s all about stud farm owners being fully abreast of the current challenges, requirements and legislation, which will facilitate and support quality thoroughbred breeding production. It will also highlight the need to safeguard Ireland’s most revered disease free status as well as the need to provide a safe working environment for all. With everybody being so busy, the ITBA wishes to convey to breeders and stud farm owners the benefits of working smarter as opposed to working harder. While the 2018 educational programme is comprehensive and wide ranging, the ITBA always encourages suggestions from it members in terms of topics and issues they would like to be included. We would welcome such engagement from our members.

ITBA SUMMER EDUCATIONAL SERIES: Part of the 2018 Educational Programme is the ITBA’s Summer Educational Series, which takes place each year during the first two weeks in July and is hosted at the ITBA HQ. This series is divided into two weeks. Places for all of these modules are limited and will be on a first come first served.

Contact ITBA HQ  for list of courses and to reserve places:  

Tel+353 (0) 045 877543 / Email: – Early Booking Encouraged.   

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